The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 5 Evil Crops Up on the Trip Home (Part 1)

Time Elapsed in Game: 2days

Our Intrepid Heroes are on their way back home to King’s Port and the Old Man. They bought horses and a carriage for the trip back. While on the road our heroes were attacked by gnolls. They persevered and defeated the vile, evil gnolls, but not without sustaining damage to one of the wheels of their carriage. Jackson was able to repair the carriage using the spare wheel that Todus wisely purchased before leaving Southaven. They have 2 full days and nights left before they get home.

Everyone gains 400xp.
Todus gains 100 personal XP for the foresight to buy the spare wheel before leaving town and finding the chest in the gnoll horde.
Jackson gains 75 personal XP for his insights in caring for the horses and repairing the carriage with makeshift tools and staying in obnoxious pally mode all session.
Yu gains 50 personal XP for selling his cart and mule to better help the party with their travels and killing a gnoll through the carriage wall.

Treasure found:
30000 cp (in small wooden chest)
Blue Quartz (11 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Deep Green Spinel (70 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Onyx (60 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Turquoise (10 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)
Masterwork Greataxe (Medium) (320 gp)
3 suits damaged leather armor
4 Heavy Steel Shields
3 shortbows
4 quivers (65 arrows)
2 Battle Axes



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