The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 7 The Dungeon of Gruesome Evil Part 1

Well our stalwart adventurers have found themselves in a dungeon and they have had a harrowing day. The first door they come to is trapped and Yu Dong sets it off when he tries to open it. Luckily no one was affected by the insidious Rune of Dread trap. Once the trap was triggered, our heroes learn that the door is also locked. Jackson breaks down the door to find 11 hobgoblins staring at him. They look desperate and afraid, but attack none the less. After a few close calls and a near death experience for our Mage friend, the party manages to defeat the foes.

After defeating the Hobgoblins and looting the corpses of their weapons and armor (11 studded leather, 11 longswords, and 45 unbroken javelins), the heroes begin piling up the bodies in the room and covering them with the moldy, musty, ratty, mildew covered tapestries around the room. When they take the last tapestry off they discover a hidden door. When they open the door they are greeted by what appears to be a monster statue. Yu Dong and Kemper Bosley instantly realize that it is a Gargoyle, while Jackson is so panicked that he immediately slams the door closed.

After a brief preparation period Yu dong opens the door from the side and battle is engaged. Our trusty paladin takes the lead and nearly falls for his efforts, but little does anyone know, a mystical light appears over Jackson’s shoulder and temporarily blinds the gargoyle. Once blinded, he becomes significantly easier to defeat. The heroes see several coins and a few items fall from within the broken gargoyle statue and when they go to pick them up they see a hulking horned Zombie down the hall headed their way. They quickly leave the hall and slam the door shut. They then pile all of the dead hobgoblins in front of the doors to barricade them and take a rest for they know they are in no condition to contend with the brutish zombie awaiting them further down the hall.



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