The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 8 Dungeon of Gruesome Evil Part 2

Time Elapsed in Game : 0 days
Imaginary Time Elapsed in Game: 5 days

Our intrepid heroes succeed in clearing the first level of the Dungeon of Gruesome Evil and begin to go down the stairs to the second level when they wake up back at their camp on their way home.

Everyone gains 4000xp

Obstacles Overcome: Gargoyle, 5 Duergar Dwarves, 10 Orcs, 5 Large Monstrous Centipedes, 11 Hoblgoblins, Zombie Minotaur, Minotaur, 3 Zombie Troglodytes, 2 traps (CR2 and 6) and an Otyugh.

Imaginary Loot Found:

Monies Found:
807 Gold
42,110 Silver
5967 Copper

Mundane Loots:
2 Huge Greataxes
FreshWater Pearl (6gp)
Azurite (12 gp)
Brown Diamond (6000 gp)
Coral (90 gp)
Hematite (10 gp)
Blue Star Sapphire (1300 gp)
Full Plate (Medium) (1500 gp)
Magnifying Glass (100 gp)
Blue Diamond (3000 gp)
Silver Cloth Ribbon (80 gp)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)



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