The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 9 The Dungeon and the Druid

Time Elapsed in Game : 4 days
Hatching Eggs in: 126 days

The party works towards setting up a nest for the owl eggs in the loft of the barn. They have been informed that eventually they will need to set up a proper Eyrie and nest, but they have time before it comes to that.

Todus of the Vail paid Maly, they Druid, 50 gp to build the owl nest and care for the eggs until they hatch. He also paid 6000 cp (60gp) for advice for the first 10 weeks of rearing and training once the hatchlings arrive.

The heroes ventured south to see what the deal was about the undead and goblinoids that have been terrorizing the farms and travelers. They discovered the dungeon from their dreams and gathered up all of the loot that they were disappointed to learn that they didn’t get to keep from their dream. Now they should have enough money to build a proper Eyrie for when their Owls are grown and trained.

Everyone earns 200xp.

Loot Found:

Monies Found:
807 Gold
42,110 Silver
5967 Copper

Mundane Loots: (all of this loot needs to be appraised still)
2 Huge Greataxes (30gp each)
FreshWater Pearl (6gp)
Azurite (12 gp)
Brown Diamond (6000 gp)
Coral (90 gp)
Hematite (10 gp)
Blue Star Sapphire (1300 gp)
Full Plate (Medium) (1500 gp)
Magnifying Glass (100 gp)
Blue Diamond (3000 gp)
Silver Cloth Ribbon (80 gp)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)



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