The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 3 "Southaven"

Time Elapsed in Game: 1 day

Important Events:
Todus gets a job as a tax collector for one of the poor districts.
Todus scopes out the Mayor’s house at night and finds that there was a small dinner party with some of the nobility. He also finds protesters all around the Mayor’s house until after dark. (When we meet next Todus needs to roll a spot check for more information.)
(Todus blackmails “Madame” into finding out more information about the Mayor’s friends and extorts 100g from the brothel. The party does not know the information in these parenthesis)

Jackson helps the poor by handing out approximately 85 loaves of bread to the masses. It is a great gesture and gives some small hope to the people in Todus’ tax district, but is a far way from making any lasting or large impact.

Hoogar still does not show back up at the Inn by nightfall. No one has seen or heard from him in a day. (Hoogar catches some Grave Robbers in the cemetery and has a conversation about how to properly rob a grave and warns the robbers to be sure to to give the undertaker his cut. The party does not know the information in these parenthesis.)

Obstacles Overcome:
Todus and Jackson help the poor get through another day.

Monies Found:
0 Platinum
0 Gold
0 Silver
0 Copper

Mundane Loots:

Magical Loots:



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