The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 1

Time Elapsed in Game : .75 days

Important Events:
Old Man informs the party of strange happenings in Southhaven. Party agrees to investigate why the mayor and his wife have been acting strange lately.

Hoogar killed Jimmy the Stableboy at the King’s Port Tavern.
Hoogar attacked Carl the Cleric and 2 commoners.
Hoogar was arrested and is currently in jail.

Jackson is informing Jimmy’s parents about the tragedy.

Todus is going to the jail to inquire after Hoogar.
Todus attempts to buy horses from a merchant at the Inn. The merchant agrees to 200g per horse after being insulted with a 25g offer from Todus. Todus states that he will be back in the morning with the money.

Pre-Session 1 Info
Adventure Log

Welcome Everyone!!! You suck and the thumb of god squishes all of your characters. You die and now make a new character. Level 3 :) There is no erasing names and writing a new one!

Ok now seriously we will update this after the first session!

Format will be…

Time Elapsed in Game : XX days

Important Events: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Obstacles Overcome: Lich, Dragon, 3 Ogres, and a Mummy!

Monies Found:
XX Platinum
XX Gold
XX Silver
XX Copper

Mundane Loots:
3 Greatclubs
Rotten Cloth
Broken Box

Magical Loots:
Ring (unidentified)
Scroll (Fireball CL5)
Wand (Unidentified)
Plate Mail (Black, Unidentified)


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