The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 8 Dungeon of Gruesome Evil Part 2

Time Elapsed in Game : 0 days
Imaginary Time Elapsed in Game: 5 days

Our intrepid heroes succeed in clearing the first level of the Dungeon of Gruesome Evil and begin to go down the stairs to the second level when they wake up back at their camp on their way home.

Everyone gains 4000xp

Obstacles Overcome: Gargoyle, 5 Duergar Dwarves, 10 Orcs, 5 Large Monstrous Centipedes, 11 Hoblgoblins, Zombie Minotaur, Minotaur, 3 Zombie Troglodytes, 2 traps (CR2 and 6) and an Otyugh.

Imaginary Loot Found:

Monies Found:
807 Gold
42,110 Silver
5967 Copper

Mundane Loots:
2 Huge Greataxes
FreshWater Pearl (6gp)
Azurite (12 gp)
Brown Diamond (6000 gp)
Coral (90 gp)
Hematite (10 gp)
Blue Star Sapphire (1300 gp)
Full Plate (Medium) (1500 gp)
Magnifying Glass (100 gp)
Blue Diamond (3000 gp)
Silver Cloth Ribbon (80 gp)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)

Session 7 The Dungeon of Gruesome Evil Part 1

Well our stalwart adventurers have found themselves in a dungeon and they have had a harrowing day. The first door they come to is trapped and Yu Dong sets it off when he tries to open it. Luckily no one was affected by the insidious Rune of Dread trap. Once the trap was triggered, our heroes learn that the door is also locked. Jackson breaks down the door to find 11 hobgoblins staring at him. They look desperate and afraid, but attack none the less. After a few close calls and a near death experience for our Mage friend, the party manages to defeat the foes.

After defeating the Hobgoblins and looting the corpses of their weapons and armor (11 studded leather, 11 longswords, and 45 unbroken javelins), the heroes begin piling up the bodies in the room and covering them with the moldy, musty, ratty, mildew covered tapestries around the room. When they take the last tapestry off they discover a hidden door. When they open the door they are greeted by what appears to be a monster statue. Yu Dong and Kemper Bosley instantly realize that it is a Gargoyle, while Jackson is so panicked that he immediately slams the door closed.

After a brief preparation period Yu dong opens the door from the side and battle is engaged. Our trusty paladin takes the lead and nearly falls for his efforts, but little does anyone know, a mystical light appears over Jackson’s shoulder and temporarily blinds the gargoyle. Once blinded, he becomes significantly easier to defeat. The heroes see several coins and a few items fall from within the broken gargoyle statue and when they go to pick them up they see a hulking horned Zombie down the hall headed their way. They quickly leave the hall and slam the door shut. They then pile all of the dead hobgoblins in front of the doors to barricade them and take a rest for they know they are in no condition to contend with the brutish zombie awaiting them further down the hall.

Session 6 Misfortune continues on the road home

Time Elapsed in Game: .5 days

The party has had their first bittersweet victory. In the middle of the night a Giant Owl scoops up Yu’s riding dog and plans to carry it back to the nest for dinner. The party twarts this almost killing the riding dog as it falls 50 feet to the ground. Jackson uses his Lay on Hands to heal the dog back to about 50%. Kemper heals the dog back up to almost 100%. The dog is riding in the carriage for the next two days until it is fully healed. The party manages to kill the Giant Owl, and once it is dead they realize that they have just slain a good magical creature. Everyone is a little broken up about this.

Todus finds the Giant Owl’s nest and rescues the eggs from what would be almost certain doom hoping to hatch them later and raise them.

The next morning the party is travelling down the road and encounters a small earth elemental. The earth elemental gives Todus a scare and almost kills him. Meanwhile, Jackson critical fails and almost kills his brother Yu. Jackson is starting to believe that the gods may be forsaking him for helping in the demise of the Owl.

Our heroic adventurers should reach the farm by nightfall provided no more misfortune befalls them.

The party earns 300XP each.

Todus earns an extra 150 personal experience for valiantly saving the eggs and exceptional roleplaying regarding the demise of the Owl.

Yu earns an extra 150 personal experience for exceptionally roleplaying the encounter with the Earth Elemental and also for the burial rites performed for the Giant Owl.

Jackson earns an extra 100 personal experience for roleplaying his concern for the dog and the Owl.

Kemper earns an extra 150 personal experience for her part roleplaying the encounter with the Earth Elemental and arguing it’s existence with Jackson and Yu and also for the burial rites performed for the Giant Owl.

Lewts acquired:
Todus now has 3 Giant Owl eggs and 8 Giant Owl Feathers.

Session 5 Evil Crops Up on the Trip Home (Part 1)

Time Elapsed in Game: 2days

Our Intrepid Heroes are on their way back home to King’s Port and the Old Man. They bought horses and a carriage for the trip back. While on the road our heroes were attacked by gnolls. They persevered and defeated the vile, evil gnolls, but not without sustaining damage to one of the wheels of their carriage. Jackson was able to repair the carriage using the spare wheel that Todus wisely purchased before leaving Southaven. They have 2 full days and nights left before they get home.

Everyone gains 400xp.
Todus gains 100 personal XP for the foresight to buy the spare wheel before leaving town and finding the chest in the gnoll horde.
Jackson gains 75 personal XP for his insights in caring for the horses and repairing the carriage with makeshift tools and staying in obnoxious pally mode all session.
Yu gains 50 personal XP for selling his cart and mule to better help the party with their travels and killing a gnoll through the carriage wall.

Treasure found:
30000 cp (in small wooden chest)
Blue Quartz (11 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Deep Green Spinel (70 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Onyx (60 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Turquoise (10 gp) (in small wooden chest)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)
Masterwork Greataxe (Medium) (320 gp)
3 suits damaged leather armor
4 Heavy Steel Shields
3 shortbows
4 quivers (65 arrows)
2 Battle Axes

Session 4 (Triumph Via Moral Superiority)

Time Elapsed in Game: 1 day

Important Events:

Obstacles Overcome:
Dispersed the mob
Acquired a meeting with the Mayor
Killed the Doppelgangers!

Monies Found:
0 Platinum
300 Gold
0 Silver
0 Copper

Mundane Loots:
Gem (Spinel)

Magical Loots:
Hat of Disguise (Michele)

Session 3 "Southaven"

Time Elapsed in Game: 1 day

Important Events:
Todus gets a job as a tax collector for one of the poor districts.
Todus scopes out the Mayor’s house at night and finds that there was a small dinner party with some of the nobility. He also finds protesters all around the Mayor’s house until after dark. (When we meet next Todus needs to roll a spot check for more information.)
(Todus blackmails “Madame” into finding out more information about the Mayor’s friends and extorts 100g from the brothel. The party does not know the information in these parenthesis)

Jackson helps the poor by handing out approximately 85 loaves of bread to the masses. It is a great gesture and gives some small hope to the people in Todus’ tax district, but is a far way from making any lasting or large impact.

Hoogar still does not show back up at the Inn by nightfall. No one has seen or heard from him in a day. (Hoogar catches some Grave Robbers in the cemetery and has a conversation about how to properly rob a grave and warns the robbers to be sure to to give the undertaker his cut. The party does not know the information in these parenthesis.)

Obstacles Overcome:
Todus and Jackson help the poor get through another day.

Monies Found:
0 Platinum
0 Gold
0 Silver
0 Copper

Mundane Loots:

Magical Loots:

Session 2 "The Escape"

Time Elapsed in Game : 3.5 Days

Important Events:
Hoogar broken out of jail.
Met 2 paladins on the road to Southhaven.
Jackson almost dies to a Huge Snake.

Obstacles Overcome: Hoogar successfully broken out of jail

Monies Found:

Session 1

Time Elapsed in Game : .75 days

Important Events:
Old Man informs the party of strange happenings in Southhaven. Party agrees to investigate why the mayor and his wife have been acting strange lately.

Hoogar killed Jimmy the Stableboy at the King’s Port Tavern.
Hoogar attacked Carl the Cleric and 2 commoners.
Hoogar was arrested and is currently in jail.

Jackson is informing Jimmy’s parents about the tragedy.

Todus is going to the jail to inquire after Hoogar.
Todus attempts to buy horses from a merchant at the Inn. The merchant agrees to 200g per horse after being insulted with a 25g offer from Todus. Todus states that he will be back in the morning with the money.

Pre-Session 1 Info
Adventure Log

Welcome Everyone!!! You suck and the thumb of god squishes all of your characters. You die and now make a new character. Level 3 :) There is no erasing names and writing a new one!

Ok now seriously we will update this after the first session!

Format will be…

Time Elapsed in Game : XX days

Important Events: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Obstacles Overcome: Lich, Dragon, 3 Ogres, and a Mummy!

Monies Found:
XX Platinum
XX Gold
XX Silver
XX Copper

Mundane Loots:
3 Greatclubs
Rotten Cloth
Broken Box

Magical Loots:
Ring (unidentified)
Scroll (Fireball CL5)
Wand (Unidentified)
Plate Mail (Black, Unidentified)


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