The Moon has Disappeared!!! Or has it...

Session 10 - Putting Around Town

Time Elapsed in Game : 7 days
Hatching Eggs in: 119 days

Important Events:

Todus sold all of the non-essential loot in the dungeon in town.

Todus got all of the small coins exchanged for gold and some Platinum.

Ziri the Gnome Master Carpenter from King’s Port is building the Eyrie on the Farm. It will take 19 weeks to complete.

Ziri is building a covered wagon that will hold 2500 lbs on the roads, less weight if the terrain is rough and Ziri is throwing in 2 spare wheels. (One for the front and one for the back) Ziri also told Todus that he will need 4 horses to pull the new Wagon. Pictures of the wagon are on Roll 20.

The party has visited the Boundary and were quite unsettled by the barren landscape surrounding it.

Obstacles Overcome: Owlbear

Monies Found:
24 Platinum
216 Gold
40 Silver
0 Copper

Mundane Loots:

Magical Loots:
Potion of Remove Fear



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